A B O U T  M I K E  F A B E Y
I N V E S T I G A T I V E  W O R K  A N D  A W A R D S
A U S S I E  Y A R N S
B O O K S  A N D  R E L A T E D  W O R K
F O R E I G N  C O R R E S P O N D E N T
E L  S T O P
F O R  T H E  D E F E N S E

Why I do the MS150 Ride

Every year now, my family gives me a hard time about doing the MS150. They say I am getting too old to bicycle 150 miles in two days, even for a good cause like multiple sclerosis research.

Given my recent trip to the emergency room this year after my kidneys nearly shut down because of my blood pressure medicine reaction to extreme dehydration, they may be right.

But I still feel I have to continue to ride -- and not only because this is for a really good cause.

I continue to ride because of a promise I made to God.

Back in 2003 we received truly devastating news when Barb was pregnant with Megan. The doctors told us that all the tests indicated we would have a baby with serious birth defects.

I vowed that if we would have a healthy baby I would make the ride every year and offer the pain and suffering to God in thanks as well as a prayer for all other parents who had to face their own trials.

As many know, Megan was born a perfect little baby.

I'm just trying to keep up my end of the bargain. To sponsor me for this year's ride, please click here and search for "Mike Fabey".

Many thanks,


BIOFabey in the Amazon

A Philly boy who never met an authority figure he didn’t want to annoy, Mike Fabey decided on a career in journalism, where he could get paid for such a talent. He has managed to stay in the business for more than a quarter century, somehow persuading newspapers and magazines to send him on assignments that took him from the sunny shores of Rio to the bowels of a nuclear-powered and armed U.S, Navy submarine on patrol in the Atlantic.


He also managed to win about two dozen local, regional and national dozen awards for his work, and his articles have appeared in several leading international publications, including National Geographic Traveler, magazines of The Economist group and Travel Weekly.

His series on military aviation accidents in The Savannah Morning News was nominated for a Pulitzer.

Infected early by the travel bug, he lived for stretches in Brazil and Australia, writing for local publications in both countries..

Now the naval editor for McGraw-Hill’s Aviation Week, he lives in the Washington, DC, area with his wife, Barbara, and their children, Megan and Jason.

Fabey in a Fiji Bar

                   See Mike's resume here.

Mike Fabey sits in Fijian bar just before completing his trek through the South Pacific.