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I N V E S T I G A T I V E  W O R K  A N D  A W A R D S
A U S S I E  Y A R N S
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F O R E I G N  C O R R E S P O N D E N T
E L  S T O P
F O R  T H E  D E F E N S E

I have to admit it -- I spent most of my high school and college years thinking I was the next Hemingway, just waiting to be discovered. Reality intervened -- somewhat -- and I had to make a living by finding out things that other people wanted or need to know and then coming back and telling them. All of these decades writing for newspapers and magazines have helped hone my craft and I think I may just be ready to realize those Hemingway dreams. Here are some of my magazine or newspaper pieces that show some flashes of my writing ability, as well as some sample chapters for longer works.

No Heaven on the Frankford El -- Read the first chapter of my memoir.

Domain of Dark Deals -- Traffic World, May 1998 -- Pirates, hijackers in Latin American trade lanes target everything from shirts to shipping manifests.

Surviving the Serra -- Latin Trade, March 2000 -- Truckers must foil hijackers to move cargo along Brazil's busiest and most dangerous highway.

Port gets a charge out of electronics industry -- Journal of Commerce (Manaus, Brazil)

Homeland Security Show (MP3) -- March 2012 --Mike Fabey is interviewed by Janice Kephart of VIP Internet Radio about modern day sea piracy.